Increase Demand for Your B2B Cybersecurity Product or Service

We put our cybersecurity and marketing expertise to work to identify the right marketing channels and create integrated marketing programs that get results.

Consulting Disciplines

Expertise Areas

For B2B cybersecurity companies from seed to exit, we create customized marketing strategies tailored to the needs, goals, and growth stage of your business.

Fractional Marketing Leadership

Serve as a part-time director or head of demand gen/marketing to manage and direct your day-to-day marketing activities.

Demand Generation

Create a scalable and sustainable demand generation foundation to support business growth by strategically building out formal processes and optimizing your MarTech stack.

Integrated Marketing

Build comprehensive marketing strategies to align marketing objectives to your overall business goals and create integrated multichannel marketing campaigns.

Our Approach

The Process



We conduct thorough research on your company, market and competitors to better understand how you can achieve your goals and make informed business decisions.


Strategy & Plan Development

We will work with you to create a personalized marketing plan by utilizing the right channels and creating messaging that resonates with your target audience / ideal customer profile.


Marketing Program Execution

We take the marketing plan that was created and then execute strategic integrated marketing campaigns. We provide regular reporting on KPIs to company leadership.

Need Assistance?

Frequently Asked

What size and types of companies do you work with?

We specialize in working with B2B cybersecurity companies, specifically early-stage SaaS and professional services companies that are looking to scale. This includes companies with or without formal marketing teams, but are typically companies between Seed and Series B rounds.

How long do projects typically last?

Most of our projects last from three months to a year. However, some projects may last longer depending on the needs of the client. Timeline and duration will be discussed and agreed upon in the initial SOW. Projects can also be extended or retainers can be discussed and agreed upon during or after the initial SOW is complete.

How do you do pricing?

The short answer, “it depends.” We price based on project or by hour. Typically pricing by project is a better solution for the client as it’s a fixed price with no surprises. We also offer retainers based on deliverables per month or hours per month, depending on what works best for you. We offer discounts on our ala carte hourly pricing for monthly retainers.

How does billing work?

For projects, it depends on the duration of the project but we typically ask for 50% down and then 50% at the completion of the project. For longer projects, we ask for 25% down, 25% at two project milestones, and 25% at project completion. For retainers, we invoice at the beginning of each month and ask that it is paid within 30 days.

How are you different from other marketing consultants?

First of all, we focus in B2B cybersecurity and SaaS companies only. We don’t work with B2C or DTC brands, as we believe B2B clients should only pay for top-notch experience. B2B cybersecurity and SaaS companies have similar challenges and opportunities, but each serves different buyers and solves different problems, thus we create tailored marketing solutions unique to your business.

What marketing tools do you work with?

We don’t believe tools solve all of our problems. Technology should help you be more efficient but adding tools too quickly can slow you down. It takes time and expertise to get them running right. I recommend marketing tech based on the needs of your business — not because it’s what “everyone else is doing.”

But we are well-versed in most marketing automation platforms, CRMs, social media tools, ABM platforms, and other common tools within the MarTech stack.

Still have questions?

Let’s schedule some time to discuss your needs and how we can work together.